See what others are saying about Wintensity's Seminar, The Psychology of Combat. 

Alister Wilson
“Have you ever heard the saying ‘mind over matter’?

The higher the level you go in competitive combat sports the more you understand this holds true. The problem is this can be a steep learning curve for anyone, let alone someone stepping into a pressure filled situation like a ring or a cage. Wintensity takes a very clear and concise approach to unlocking the potential in the greatest weapon all fighters have – the Brain!

No matter what level of fighter or trainer you are, we highly recommend this seminar. We look forward to having Eric Parker back to our school again soon for another amazing Wintensity seminar.”

Alister Wilson
Muay Thai Instructor
American Top Team Orlando/Longwood
Ph: (407) 679-MMA1 (6621)
Ph: (407) 677 KBOX (5269)


"I'm a well traveled, 15-yr old Mixed Martial Artist, with a lengthy competitive Submission Fighting and Wrestling background. I have been training since age 5 and have, literally, 100's of competitions under my belt.  And, it was not until I enrolled in one of Eric Parker's Wintensity Seminars, that my eyes were truly opened to the actual Psychology of Combat, and how to Effectively Mentally Prepare myself for battle.  Eric's unique way of teaching has helped me "train my brain" in ways that my opponents have overlooked, thus giving me the major “one-up” on my competition.  Eric puts things in a context that any Martial Artists can utilize.  This is something very special, and that you can't afford to miss.  You cannot get this training anywhere else!  My only regret is not meeting Eric Parker sooner, or attending a Wintensity seminar sooner!" 
                                                                                                               -Kimberli Smith, aka the KRO$$FACE KILLER

Kimberli Smith, a.k.a. the KRO$$FACE KILLER
IBJJF Pan American Teen Champion 2010
Nationally Ranked #1 in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2008 & 2009
Nationally Ranked #1 in Submission Grappling 2008 & 2009
Florida State Wrestling Champion 2008
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Shihan Gary Hellman

“The Wintensity seminar is really the “missing piece” in today’s martial arts training. The seminar is just as good for students interested in fitness and self-defense as it is for competitive fighters. The seminar is fun, exciting, and the information and material is totally unique in the world of martial arts instruction and training. I have been teaching martial arts and coaching fighters for 25 years, and I highly recommend it. I would not miss the opportunity to attend this seminar.”


Shihan Gary Hellman
Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts
Tampa, FL
(813) 448-3683

Eric Marshall“Wintensity’s Psychology of Combat seminar was better and more informative than any training seminar I have ever attended. As a professional world champion fighter and trainer, I can say that I learned much more in this seminar than I expected, and I really wish I had taken this seminar ten years ago. At least now I can take what I have learned from the Wintensity seminar and pass it on to my self-defense students and “up-and-coming” fighters. You cannot put a price on what I learned at this seminar, and I really enjoyed it.”


Erik Marshall

3X Professional World Champion, 5X Amateur World Champion, and Professional Trainer

International Fighting Systems and MMA Fitness
Bradenton, FL
(941) 751-KIDS

• Reining WKO Light Middleweight World Champion
• Reining PKF Light Middleweight World Champion
• Reining IKF U.S. Champion
• ISKA Light Welterweight World Champion
• ISKA Welterweight World Champion
• ISKA Super Welterweight World Champion
• ISKA Super Lightweight World Champion
• WKA Welterweight World Champion
• ISKA South Eastern Champion
• AIC North American Champion

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