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Be dangerous in something your competition knows nothing about...  

The Psychology of Combat


You Need This Training If...

-You feel nervous before you fight 
-You are facing your first competition
-You experience anxiety that keeps you from
fighting at your best
-You are better in training than in competition
-You Are a Coach and Want to Help Your
Fighters Become Much Better, Much Faster! 

MMA Legend DIN THOMAS Speaks!

Pro MMA Record: 26-8

Multiple Time UFC Veteran
The Ultimate Fighter TV Show Veteran says, 
 "Wintensity is like College for Combat Sports!" 

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Never feel NERVOUS before a fight again?

See the smiles on their faces... 

Juan Batista_BJJ_Champ

"Eric, your Wintensity seminar has changed my life!  

For the first time in my life, EVER, I competed and was not nervous at all!  

I won TWO DIVISIONS, and was totally confident the entire time. I was relaxed and really on top of my game.  I never thought it was possible to feel that way during competition.

I can't believe it!  Thank you so much!"

Juan Batista, Panama City, Panama (Pictured Above)
IV Copa International de BJJ y Grappling Championships
Republica de Panama; January 28th & 29th, 2012
Heavyweight Grappling Champion & Adult Blue Belt Champion 


You just gotta love the last line of this next story!!!

Daniel Zalewski


"I spent over 4 years competing in grappling tournaments and was still nervous every time.  In the beginning, my fear was debilitating, but it gradually got better with experience.  

Last year I decided to take my first Muay Thai fight, and around the same time I purchased the Wintensity DVD program.  The combination of mental exercises, realism exercises, and consciousness of what was occurring in my body had tremendous effects for me come fight time.  I had a clarity I've never experienced before.  I came out measured and with fine motor skills intact, did not waste energy or work into a frenzy, and was able to finish my opponent before the 2nd round.  I give enormous credit to Eric Parker and his innovative program for that success, and I will absolutely be revisiting the program before I fight again.  

I would recommend it to anyone I'm not fighting against!

- Dan Zalewski, Tampa, FL (Pictured above, Muay Thai KO)
MMA Section Coach
Gracie Tampa

So, exactly what is Wintensity?  


Wintensity is the first company to offer a unique mental training opportunity for competitive MMA fighters, Muay Thai kickboxers, Jiu Jitsu practitioners, or any student of the martial arts, who wish to enhance their level of mental preparation for combat and performance under pressure.  This unique MMA Mental Training seminar is the next frontier in elevating your training, and will raise your "performance under pressure" to the next level.

Wintensity blends the science of understanding human brain function, techniques from the field of sports psychology, and the personal and professional experiences of the instructor, to create an educational experience that will forever transform the way martial arts practitioners view their training.  This is truly the “missing piece” of the martial arts training puzzle.

Wintensity can be experienced on Dual DVD-Set or Online.  Or, Wintensity will bring the LIVE seminar to you, wherever you train.

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